What Then? - Post NESARA Times .....

[updated July 2006]


With bank debt forgiveness comes also the elimination of the NATIONAL DEBT (or at least 90% of it) - a tremendous boon to most countries in the world. These countries will no longer be ruled by a foreign power.

Except for businesses producing non-essential goods or services, GST will be eliminated and the new sales tax [which will go to government for the first time!] will not apply, reducing time spent on this operation.

Humanitarian and environmental projects will constitute the greatest benefits that NESARA brings to this world. This new era will bring about much redeployment of labor forces, as some industries close down and others rise up.

There will also be new kinds of corporations which we can use after NESARA is announced. It will be easier to hold the people who make decisions for corporations accountable for their actions.

After the announcement of NESARA, corporations will have a number of months to make the changes required. There will be public education about the changes required and how the changes are to be made. Corporations will have plenty of time to make these changes. In all areas of commerce changes will come in, and the large conglomerates will be made into more easily managed units. New methods of production will be totally efficient without being wasteful, and pollution will become a thing of the past.

Financial planners and everyone else will have to forget most of what they know now. Some well-known financial management experts have been educated about NESARA and are prepared to assist with the educational process after the announcement.

[The above information was taken from the early "Dove" reports - some years back (reliable at that time). Here is a July 2006 update from St Germain himself - ]

Businesses will operate from a service charter rather than a business charter to produce goods and provide services. There will be no requirement to obtain permission from 'royalty' to operate a business. Non-profit corporations as such will disappear - they exist only for tax purposes, and government control, neither of which will continue. Requirements will be more like a certificate stating the purpose, the social and financial responsibilities through a guiding (not controlling) body. There will be no 'charities' as such for the same reason. More information will be available after the NESARA announcement and return to Common Law.

Banks will be quite different to all other operations. There will be no more shareholders. The banking system is a distinct part of the Divine Plan for Earth in this place and time as a social facilitation device, and will not be permitted to return to being a medium of control.

How the world will change!

To defeat inflation, prices will be reduced 90% about 30 days after the announcement of NESARA. [Update: June 2006 - further opposition may be encountered. This could take as long as 90 days]

After another 30 days, wages and salaries will likewise be reduced. This gives employees a month with extremely low prices, before a balance is again struck. See Living for more detailed information on the beneficial effects of this change.

When NESARA is announced, the fact that the new U.S. Treasury currency is backed by precious metals will have an impact on international trade. Companies in other countries which sell products to the U.S. will need to adjust their billing records for the products that have been sold to be distributed through U.S. locations. After NESARA's announcement the U.S. economy will be based on the new U.S. Treasury currency.

Currently, companies such as Toyota and Honda which make their products in other countries and distribute the products in the U.S., have contracted to sell their cars to U.S. companies for specific prices that are based on the U.S. Federal Reserve currency which is not backed by precious metals. However, when the new U.S. Treasury currency is announced these foreign companies will have to change the amounts they are charging the U.S. companies to reflect the fact that the U.S. companies will now be paying for imported products with new U.S. Treasury currency which is more valuable than the Federal Reserve notes.

There are three other major currencies which are supposed to announce their own new banking and currency improvements within days after NESARA is announced. The European Central Bank is supposed to announce the Euro is backed by precious metals within three business days of NESARA's announcement. The British banking system is supposed to announce that the British Pound is backed by precious metals within one week of NESARA's announcement. The Japanese banking system is supposed to announce that the Japanese Yen is backed by precious metals within one week of NESARA's announcement. There are some other countries which will announce that their currencies also are backed by precious metals soon after NESARA's announcement.

The currency markets, stock markets, and commodity markets will be closed immediately for several days after NESARA is announced. Many of the fundamental economic principles of our world economy will change after officials of these major banking and currency systems announce that they are backed by precious metals. Therefore considerable re-education will be required and broadcast by television and radio and covered in newspapers which will inform us of new economic principles based on the fact that major banking systems and currencies are backed by precious metals. Greenspan has compiled 30 hours of video-taped education which will be broadcast to help us understand our world's new economic principles.

In these ways, NESARA's announcement starts a ripple effect around the world. It's important that these other countries announce their improved banking and currency systems very soon after NESARA's announcement as part of keeping the world economy stable.

[Update: June 2006 - the stock markets will actually cease business and monies will be refunded. No more gambling! Did you think they actually served a useful purpose?]

NESARA will present the most dramatic change in business and manufacturing opportunities worldwide that the world has ever seen - even greater than the Industrial Revolution. There will be many services and products for which there will no longer be any demand, causing unemployment initially, but this will be more than compensated for by the new opportunities presented and the increase in demand for existing natural products. One example will be the replacement of noisy, polluting commercial jet aircraft by silent, pollutant-free shuttlecraft ("flying saucers") and small spaceports replacing today's airports with their runways taking up miles of what could be fertile land.

Scrap merchants will have a hey-day as the amount of scrap metal due to come on the market will be astronomical - not just from the military but from many other sectors as well.

Automotive manufacturers have already planned the mass introduction of electric vehicles. There will undoubtedly be many new manufacturers of conversion kits to eliminate fossil fuel usage. This will extend to almost all industries that use energy in one way or another, and of course the utilities will be affected almost immediately. No more nuclear power plants, no more coal-burning, polluting iron-horses, all consigned to museums. It opens up more opportunities than it eliminates through job losses in the soon-to-become-extinct industries mentioned.

Fore more information see further articles on Science; Transportation and the more extensive article on Projects in general.

Most people do not realise how much their world has been controlled by a select group - who have now lost their power. This means that to maintain your health you are no longer required to use pharmaceutical drugs, but you - as well as hospitals and clinics - will be able to use much less expensive - and more effective - natural remedies. Free energy will replace 'natural resources' such as petroleum products, and the technology that has been suppressed for decades will spawn immense opportunities for factories producing all kinds of engines using cosmic energy (no more gas tanks). And such industries will require the distribution and ancillary services required by all industries.

Will it happen overnight? Unlikely, but welcome to a completely new world. [June 2008 Update: Actually, it will - more or less - as after 'stasis' all fossil-fuelled vehicles will be unable to run and replacement will be a matter of extreme urgency. Those in a position to do so should start planning production now! Funds will be available.]

Here is how Abraham Lincoln summed it up:-

"There will be an upheaval such as this continent has never before witnessed. People will be uprooted, businesses will crumble, empires will fall, and all for the good. Let the light shine on the good, and let the fearful run and hide." (22nd January 2006)

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