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Date: Monday, 15 December 2003, 3:53 p.m. on
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1. The Government of Canada is a corporation.

2. Any corporation (private or public) is composed of shareholder(s). The Owners are the shareholders in the Corporation of the Government of Canada

3. The British Monarchy, among other Europeans, are among the shareholders who currently own the Government of Canada.

4. Long ago the descendants of the current shareholders laid claim to ownership of what is the geography of Canada. They had numerous wars with other nations, and killed many Natives so they could hold title to the deed.

5. Having fought for and won control of the land, the Owners permitted other Europeans to come and settle here, enticing them by offering free land and no taxes. Once they had enough people living in Canada so that the territory was self-sufficient, the Owners formalized their corporation through a declaration - The British North America Act (1867).

6. Now that there was a legal corporation in place, and enough population to support it, the Owners removed the carrot that enticed people to come here in the first place. Land was no longer free, and they began to tax the population's income. They used the First World War as the excuse to introduce income taxes, but this would have happened with or without the war.

7. Since 1867, the Canadian Parliament needed approval from the British Parliament for any legislation to be passed. Once the Owners had everything in place they needed to extract money from the country, they permitted autonomy for the Canadian Parliament in making its own decisions (Treaty of Westminster, 1931). The Owners shifted their full authority over to the Bank of Canada by 1934. Part of the reason Canada's national debt exists, is so that the Bank of Canada can control the actions of any political party in Parliament.

8. Today the Owners of the Government of Canada extract money from the citizens through the Bank of Canada and CCRA (Canada Customs & Revenue Agency). The people are permitted to live on land which the Corporation of the Government of Canada claims to own. The Owners allow people to live on the land so that work will be done and taxes are paid. A large portion of these taxes end up in the bank accounts of the European Owners.

9. It's a nice set-up for the Owners, because if things ever deteriorated to the point of revolution, the population would attack and overthrow Parliament. The Canadian political parties would be put to the sword (so to speak) but the true Owners would remain hidden from the public eye. A new government would form to fill the vacuum, then the Owners would step in to offer their expertise in running the money supply. Since nobody is ever taught how the money supply really works, the Revolutionary Government may give the Bank of Canada the "okay", and the country's right back to where it is pre-revolution.

10. If the Revolutionary Government refused the Owners' offer to control the currency, the new government leaders would find themselves assassinated. Other "revolutionaries" would then be promoted until one finally agreed with the Owners of the Corporation. An offer that couldn’t be refused, so to speak.

11. This represents the workings of the world for the past 4,000 years. This is the reason for all the wars that occur - they've fought to control the internal operations of nations so that money can be milked from the civilians. The only way to alter this system is to educate everybody as to how it works.


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