N.A.F.T.A. gives CANADA away to the UNITED STATES

Radio Free America Transcript on The Free Trade Agreement

Interview with Shelly Ann Clark

Did you know that the U.S./Canadian Free Trade Agreement contains *secret* provisions which are designed to ensure that Canada is integrated into the U.S. as the 51st state by the year 2005?
And did you know that the existence of these provisions was apparently deliberately withheld from the Canadian Provincial Premiers in order to get them to "sign on" to the deal?
Well, hang onto your hats, because you're about to encounter a whirlwind of alarming allegations!
Read this transcription, swallow hard [if you're a Canadian!], then get to work! Upload it widely to other BBS systems; print off a copy and send it to your local newspaper; distribute it among your friends, and give it to local "influence leaders", politicians, organisations, etc; send a copy to your MPP and MP and demand a public enquiry; pass it on to T.V. and Radio stations - *blanket* Canada with it! Just don't read it and do *nothing* - that will *guarantee* the loss of Canada and the Canadian identity in a North American political merger! So read this, get angry, and ACT!



T.V.: "Those of you who are veteran Radio Free America "strike force" folks will remember the valiant but losing effort we made trying to stop NAFTA. We had a whole week devoted to it, just before the American Congress voted on it, and the House of Representatives, and of course the prostitutes were purchased in Congress and the Bill passed. NAFTA became law - this is the North American Free Trade Agreement; everybody knows about it. The truth is, it's the North American Free Trade and *Finance* agreement, and the "Finance" part is the key but that was the part left out of most American's thinking. It was a scam, it is still a scam, it is not good for America - I don't care what Rush Limbaugh says, he constantly tells everybody how good it is, and it isn't. It's not even good for Mexico, the country that's going to benefit the most economically, so that Mexico can pay off it's huge loan - that's the purpose of this NAFTA agreement - and of course the One Worlders, the Bilderbergers and what have you are pushing to make NAFTA [reach] all the way to the tip of South America, and tie us all together. But if NAFTA was bad for the United States in giving up our sovereignty, which we did, and this was *not* a Treaty - remember, if it was a Treaty, it would have had to be ratified by the Senate by a two-thirds vote - so it's not a Treaty, it's an Agreement, and there's no place in the Constitution that says we can be tied up in an Agreement, but here we are!

If it's bad for America, and it is, think how bad it must be for *Canada*. Canada got into the North American Free Trade Agreement before we did - they got themselves suckered into a deal with U.S. and a lot of Canadians really didn't like it any more than we like it for ourselves. But the Canadian government pushed it through just like our government pushed it through. And we have tonight a couple of special guests from Canada. They are with the Canadian Institute for Political Integrity, and the man who I believe started the Canadian Institute for Political Integrity is Glen Kealey. And, Glen, are you there?
G.K.: "Hi, Tom, yes I am".
T.V.: "Alright, Glen, I want to thank you very much for being available tonight, and you have also brought aboard a woman who was a top whistle-blower on the NAFTA scandal in Canada; her name is Shelley Ann Clark. Ms Clark, are you there?
S.A.C: "Yes, I am."
T.V.: "Well, you sound great, too, both of you. I want to welcome you both to RADIO FREE AMERICA."
G.K.: "Thank you."
T.V.: "Well, now, according to this terrific fax that you put out where everyone can hear this show tonight, she's going to give us some information about, that your media, your controlled media in Canada has been witholding from the Canadian people." G.K.: "That's right. Shelley Ann will speak about, this evening, about what actually happened in the Free Trade negotiations office, where she worked as the executive secretary to the third highest- ranking negotiator. Well, I'll let Shelley Ann explain what happened now."
T.V.: "Oh, we're going to, I can hardly wait for this. But you're what we would call a "whistleblower", Shelley?"
S.A.C: "Yes, I guess that's the official name I've been given here in Ottawa."
T.V.: "Alright. What made you come forward and want to tell what you know that is so unsavoury?"
S.A.C: "What made me come forward is information I obtained when I came back into the country a year ago. I came back into this country after having been ordered out of the country by the Prime Minister when I blew the whistle, actually, in July of 1988, but with the aid of my union, being afraid of blowing it alone, I thought I would get the support of my union here in Ottawa. And I did up a report and blew the whistle *through* the union. I met with the Executive Secretary, the number two, and brought that information to him and to two others. When they received the information, instead of releasing it to the RCMP, like I thought they would, the decision was made to bring it up to the President of the union, Mr. Daryl Bean [?]. 48 hours after giving the documents to Daryl Bean, it was returned to my residence with a covering letter stating return of the documents and ordering me to destroy it because, should it fall into the wrong hands, it was highly dangerous."


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T.V.: "Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we're back live. We're going to be getting a little *Canadian* chicanery, as far as the NAFTA agreement goes... Shelley, you were explaining that you came out in 1988 and you wanted your union to back you, and you blew the whistle on this and took it to what you would call the RCMP, that's the same as our FBI, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. So they sent you a letter and said "Don't do this"?
S.A.C: "No, not the, the president or the union actually returned the document, telling me to destroy it because, should it fall into the wrong hands, it could be highly dangerous. And then the Prime Minister of Canada brought the union into his office and it was ordered that I be sent out of the country. And my being with the Department of Foreign Affairs, he figured that that was a simple way of getting rid of me, but..."
T.V.: "You became the Ambassadoress to Timbuktu?"
S.A.C: "Well, just about! The offer was made for me to become the number two of an Embassy, but in a Third World country, and the Prime Minister was *insistent* that it would be a Third World country, and it took the union one year, to the day - as a matter of fact June, 1989 - when they were able to swing a Western World country rather than a Third World for me, because I *refused* to leave and I threatened the Prime Minister with going public with my knowledge if I was not sent to a Western world [Embassy], because I said "If this is what you want, then I will go". I *did* go, with the belief that Canadians would by now have seen that the Free Trade Agreement...when I came back into the country a year ago, within six months I was at the Archives, only to discover that the Free Trade Agreement, and all the documents attached to it, were *not* there. When I asked as to their existence, I was told that the negotiations and the legal paper work had not been wrapped up on it and that the documents were sitting in a building across the street from our National Archives. So I promptly met with the gentleman in charge of these documents in the Federal Building, only to be told that the documents were not there - I was shown simply a Table of Contents, and..."
T.V.: "This is an Agreement that your country has signed and is living under and nobody knows what it says, is what you're saying?"
S.A.C: "Exactly. What was *not* in the Table of Contents, and we have now discovered, of course, that no one can find what I'm talking about *anywhere*, and I know that it isn't there because I'm the person who...what the summary of it is is that there are *two* major things that went on here. The Free Trade Agreement was rigged, and I know it was rigged because I did it under instructions by the third-ranking negotiator. He was our Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney's man, that was put in place in order to mislead the Premiers of Canada. Every Provincial Premier was briefed by this negotiator - a Mr. Germaine Denis."
T.V.:"...He was Brian Mulroney, who was Prime Minister of Canada, he was his man in the trade negotiations office where you worked, and you worked directly under him as his secretary..."
S.A.C: "Yes, I was the executive assistant to Germaine Denis - I wore many hats in that office, I was the the main liaison between the Prime minister's office and other government departments and the Free Trade office, hence my knowledge of having so much information and being involved with so much. I was one of the seven major proof readers of the final Agreement."
G.K.: "When Shelley Ann mentions "Premiers", in Canada that's the equivalent to American "Governors".
T.V.: "Thank you - I was just going to make sure that that was the way I thought it was, but I wasn't sure. Thank you very much for that, Glen. Okay, so this guy Germaine Denis is running around and he's telling the Governors of the different Provinces in Canada that they've "got nothing to worry about, here's what the agreement says", and that's not necessarily so?"
S.A.C: "That's correct. We were doctoring the briefing books; there would be 35 briefing books that were being prepared by a team, supervised by me, that would go to the main negotiating sessions in Washington. But when these books would come back, I was under the belief that I could just take 10 of them to give to Mr. Denis to brief the Premiers with. To my amazement, this was not so. I was told to bring midnight, at night, I was brought into the Free Trade office and ordered not to tell anyone, not even my family, where I was; and there I was told to duplicate the copy of what had been in to the main negotiating sessions, and to call the second file "the Provincial file". And there there we would doctor the figures - the entire Energy and Water chapters would be deleted. If we were giving away 10% on a particular subsidies, if we were giving away, actually, *40%*, the figure would be changed to 10% to satisfy the Premiers."
T.V.: "That is terribly criminal. You mean to tell me that if there was a resource in, say, Calgary, and you were talking to the Premier of Calgary, and the Agreement called for 40% of this resource to be given'd tell him it was only 10% so he wouldn't complain?" S.A.: "That's exactly right! You've got it! That's dead on. And this went on throughout the entire negotiations. The Premiers of this country were completely, completely bamboozled."


"This is Don Markey at THE SPOTLIGHT news bureau in Washington. THE SPOTLIGHT reports that the Clinton Administration's "Trade and Democracy Summit", late this year in Miami, may lead to a so-called "American Union", an eventual merger of all the countries of the Western Hemisphere into a single entity. The first major step will bring all countries into the North American Free Trade Agreement. Then Commissions will be created to provide medical care, clean the air and water, and police the Hemisphere. This is news you expect from THE SPOTLIGHT [subscription information repeated]."
T.V.: "We are talking tonight with Shelley Ann Clark, and she is the former secretary for Germaine Denis, who was the third-ranking negotiator for the trade negotiations office of Canada, and he went around with doctored documents lying to the Premiers of Canada to get their backing for the NAFTA agreement; and it sounds an awful lot like the United States, where we had to *bribe* the prostitutes we have in Congress."
G.K.: "There's one thing I'd like to clarify here. The word you mentioned is NAFTA, but we have to remember that *before* NAFTA, just before then, in '87/88, what Canada and the U.S.A. negotiated was the U.S.A./Canada Free Trade Agreement, which became the basis for NAFTA. So we're dealing with one step prior to the final NAFTA agreement."
T.V.: "Thank you very much. Excellent clarification there and I'm glad to get it. I didn't know it. Now there are some areas here that you are especially wanting to describe to us, Shelley, I understand. There's energy, water, minerals, agriculture, and something about social programs harmonizing, and a Grand Canal. Can we get into all of that, one by one?"
S.A.C: "Yes, we can, in as much detail as I can remember. I guess I would like to address the most important issue for Canadians, and I'm addressing Canadians around the world."
T.V.: "That's right. You sure are - go ahead."
S.A.C: "I want to discuss the implementation scheme that I discovered in the documents which were given to me to take out to Germaine Denis' car. All the documents that were used in misleading the Premiers, including this implementation scheme, I was ordered to sneak out to this official's car between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. at night, under very...under *threats*, I should say. All the threats were described in my report that I gave to my union. The implementation scheme that I saw is of the utmost importance because it is what is going to be the steps taken by both countries to ensure that we, that we, Canada, become the 51st state of the United States by the year 2005. The implemention scheme had two pages, two eight-and-a-half [inches?] by fourteen [inches?] pages. One page looked exactly like a bio-rhythm chart, is the only way that I can describe it, because one must understand that I have to go by memory because if I had have stolen any of these documents I would not be speaking with you this evening, I would have been arrested. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have done, have questioned me thoroughly and they are satisfied that I *don't* have any documents, so I *am* going by memory. But the implementation scheme is one that I recognise the importance of and what it meant for this country. It said that that by the year 1995, Canada would have to be separated, that Quebec has to separate from Canada, and that by the year 2005 the final step for us amalgamating with the United States would be the project of the Grand Canal being completed."
T.V.: "Now there we go. You tied in this Grand Canal project with the idea've given us the word "amalgamated", but probably "federated" might be just as good."
S.A.C: "Yes, it would be just as good. Now the Grand Canal project, I would like Mr. Kealey at this point to expand on that because apparently - I didn't know Mr. Kealey until this year when I did the whistleblowing on this on our local T.V. station, and the Institute met with me afterwards - Mr. Kealey apparently, in 1985, was approached by one of our Deputy Ministers here in government to *market* the Grand Canal project. So Mr. Kealey is well informed on the project and can explain to your [hearers] what it entails."
T.V.: "I would like to know about this Grand Canal. Go ahead, Glen."
G.K.: "We're basically talking about the damming of James Bay. James Bay being a "lip" at the bottom of Hudson's Bay, which is 500 miles north to south, 121 miles across, and, with three dams on there and with 20 rivers pouring into it, it would eventually clean itself out of the salt water and become the largest fresh water basin in North America. From there, a canal leading out to the south, 800 miles going uphill toward Ruyin/Noranda in Quebec and then cutting into Ontario, leading into Georgian Bay and the Great Lakes, would bring an amount of water that would allow a doubling of the fresh water flowing into the Great Lakes. That water could then be diverted through Lake Michigan into the Mississippi Valley, and across Lake Superior and - in Western Canada - across Manitoba and Saskachewan to..."
T.V.: "Alright, hold on, we'll come back to this..."


T.V.: [re-introduces guests] "...and one of the cogs in this big plot is the amount of fresh water that can be made available in Canada and have it brought down to the United States as part of this plan, then?"
G.K.: "We all know that the international bankers,who rule the world, have set their eye on natural resources throughout the world and water, after I guess the sun and air would be the third highest-ranking, most important product they want to get their hands on."
T.V.: "Oh, absolutely, and look at what all that water could do for the south-west United States and northern part of Mexico."
G.K.: "Certainly the project is defined as one costing anywhere between eight and sixteen times the cost of the Apollo moon landing project, and we're dealing here with big, big bucks and many of the international companies, such as American Express, want to get in on this..."
T.V.: "Yes, when I was a leftist college student right after the Navy, in 1957, I wrote a paper on waters from Canada into the sand of the south west United States, so this is very interesting to me."
G.K.: "Well, Simon Reisman, our top negotiator during the Free Trade negotiations, the number one man, was at one time a director of the Grand Canal project and he was the one who was pushing it in 1984 and '85. But, all of a sudden, everyone went quiet on that project and no one discussed water at all, and Simon Reisman became the negotiator for Canada in the Free Trade negotiations but, as Shelley Ann stated, the water provisions that were being negotiated, and the energy provisions, were being hidden from the Premiers by dropping out the entire chapters on those subjects. The water one was even modified at the end to include a statement that water was not included as part of the project unless it was "self contained". Now most people believe "self contained" means "bottled"; in fact, what these people mean is "water behind a dam."
T.V.: "Yes, or in an aquaduct. Alright now, this is interesting. There's nothing wrong with the idea of North America sharing the resource of water, but what *is* wrong is the political monopoly they plan for it."
G.K.: "Under GATT it says that no one, no country, can interfere with the property of trans-national corporations, and the idea here is that you get a trans-national corporation to make a deal at the bottom price with the native community, *own* the rights to that water, and then have the government *expropriate* from the transnational, borrowing the money from the international bankers, indebting us to the hilt. For example, they would borrow $100 billion and begin a project that cost *$200 billion* to build, and by the time we get through, half-way through, the construction, they run out of money and international bankers then send a bailiff from the United Nations with their Blue Berets on to "repossess" our property."
T.V.: "Turning you into a Third World nation with one fell swoop."
G.K.: "Absolutely!"
T.V.: "Alright, this is interesting as all-getout. So where do we go from here, then? This was all *passed*!"
G.K.: "It was all passed, but you have to remember it's a *fraudulent* agreement."
T.V.: "It *is* a fraudulent agreement. Now.."
G.K.: "It's a crime."
T.V.: "What is your thrust then, your organisation and Shelley Ann, what are you trying to do now bring this to the attention of the Canadian people? And she's doing a *good* job, from what I read here. What can *we* do in the United States, and let's form some plan of action here."
S.A.C: "Yes, I would love to form a plan of action. Mr. Kealey is the action man here at the Canadian Institute, so I'll let him deal with it, but I have been addressing Canadians across the country and pleading with them to apply as much pressure upon the present government and on the Members of Parliament on the Hill here, here in Ottawa, to start an investigation, a public investigation, of the matter as it started. And it would take at least 200,000 Canadians for it to have *any* kind of effect. And that's what I'm trying to do, to pick up the support and get Canadians to put enough enough pressure on our parliamentarians to start a public investigation. But I'm sure that there are many other plans of action that can be put in place, and I will let Mr. Kealey handle..." T.V.: "Well, I think all of us in North America ought to be concerned about this, and the Americans can do their share as well to straighten out *our* side of this scam, and..."
S.A.C: "Yes, I've received letters from Americans that are extremely concerned, that's quite true."
G.K.: "We are dealing here with an issue of nationalism, as opposed to internationalism, and we have a similar problem to Americans in that people want to remove our democracy and put it on some international level where the bankers can tell us all what to do. What *we* need to do in Canada is to inform as many people as possible, as Shelley Ann said, and people who write to us can get information, although I have to warn people we're not a big organisation, we're only about 1,000 members in Canada..."
T.V.: "well, I have a good, far-reaching Canadian audience who're going to help your membership now, and we're going to go to the phones. 1-800-878 8255, those of you out there who would like to join us. Comments, questions, anything to support, and there's a lot of aspects of this agreement that we haven't covered yet, if you want to ask about that. And I'm going to ask you, when we come back, about Mr. Chretien, the new Prime Minister, to see what he has to say..."


T.V.: "...You are still a member of the Canadian Department of State, then?"
S.A.C: "Yes, I'm still with the Department of Foreign Affairs. When I came back in from Europe, I was put on one year's leave at home on full pay because the Mulroney government did not want me in and they could not find a just cause to release me from my position, therefore I was sent home on full pay for one year. When the Chretien government came in, two months later I was asked back to...and I was assigned to a World Summit that will be taking place in Copenhagen in 1995. I am still there even though, when I came to leave for the Western tour of Canada in February, a warning did come to me that if I proceeded with my tour I *might* not have a job when I came back. But my message to them was that that I could not and would not stop what I was doing, that I *had* to get across to Canadians, and I proceeded with the tour, and I am *still* employed."
T.V.: "That's amazing - you've got a darned good union!"
S.A.C: "I don't know what I have, but amazingly enough, yes, I'm still there at the present time."
G.K.: "Shelley Ann forgot to mention that today, by accident, I'm sure by coincidence, they cut her salary in *half*."
T.V.: "Oh, "by accident" they cut her salary in half?"
G.K.: "Yes."
T.V.: "After giving her a whole year at full salary to go home and have fun, now they've decided to cut her salary in half?"
G.K.: "And now she's going to have to struggle for a few weeks to find out why."
T.V.: "Now, one of the newspapers up - and by the way, folks, the telephone lamp is lighted, it's wide open if you want to join us; 1-800-878 8255 - I need to ask you, too, I've got questions about Chretien, your new Prime Minister, and I also want to know about your *media* up there, how are they treating this?"
G.K.: "The media here is totally controlled, even worse than U.S. mainstream media. Here, everything is in the hands of four or five families, they're all linked up to the bankers and to the trans- national corporations. Chretien himself, the Prime Minister, is linked directly to the owners of the media and he's basically a little bit like Ronald Reagan, he's the "front man" but the power behind him is Mitchell Sharp. He's a former Deputy Minister of Finance, a member of the Trilateral Commission. Chretien, like Ronald Reagan, does the public speaking but I'm sure that if he spoke out of turn, as Reagan did in [unintelligable], they would do the same thing to him as was done to Reagan, and he learned his place in this awfully quick."
T.V.: "Yes, and so Chretien the puppet, and Mr. Mitchell Sharp is the front man for the powers that be up there, sort of like we have our David Rockefeller, then?"
G.K.: "You got it!"
T.V.: "Alright..."
G.K.: "The way it works here, too!"
T.V.: "Okay, and it's a fascinating situation. But you *did* get that story in this little local newspaper that was sent to me that caused me to contact you in the first place."
G.K.: "VANCOUVER PROVINCE - I don't know what happened there. You know, if you repeat something often enough somebody makes a mistake and it gets into a paper someplace, and eventually the story starts to leak out. And that's basically what we're dealing with now, after five or six years of plugging away at this we're finally getting people to listen, and they're starting to understand here - as they are in the U.S., with people like yourself spreading the word - that there is a problem, and that problem is one of control from outside the country."
T.V.: "Alright, out in my home California, we have a Canadian. Hallo, Invirina, welcome aboard."
CALLER: "Hello"
T.V.: "Hello, how are you?"
CALLER: "I'm fine. I would very much like to speak to Shelley Ann Clark."
T.V.: "Go right ahead."
CALLER: "Ms. Clark?"
S.A.C: "Yes?" CALLER: "I'm Canadian and I married an American, and I live down in Southern California. I'd like to know how I can help you or spread the word, because that's shocking news."
T.V.: "Yes, it is."
S.A.C: "It means a complete takeover, is the word that was actually on the implementation scheme. The completion of the takeover is to take place in 2005. So it's absolutely vital...that's why I'm devoting every free moment that I have trying to reach Canadians because something has to be done and quickly."
CALLER: "I have a daughter living in Vancouver, B.C., and many other friends and she works for Customs Canada. Now I'm interested in finding out how I can get the word to her."
G.K.: "Well, if you order some information from us, we have some printed material. But I have to warn people, we're already bagged up so it takes a while to get out, and we can't do it free - I mean, people can send send $20 and the Institute will forward what we have and that will help to get the word out. We're not looking to make any money here, we're just trying to...."
T.V.: "$20 Canadian is what you need right now, and let's have some information - how do people reach you up there, Glen?"
G.K.: "Okay, they would write to CANADIAN INSTITUTE FOR POLITICAL INTEGRITY, P.O. Box 1634, Station B, HULL, Quebec J8X 3X5. Our phone number is [819] 778 1705."
CALLER: "Thank you very much, sir, and I would like to say to Shelley Ann Clark, please keep going!"
T.V.: "Well, she's got quite a tour here. Are you continuing your tour, Shelley?"
S.A.C: "Yes, they have plans for me to cross the entire country by the Fall."
T.V.: "...thanks you very much for the call, always glad to hear from my home town. You ought to come down to Naples, Florida during the winter because there are more Canadians down here than you can shake a stick at!"
[section of broadcast, giving information on Glen Kealey's own "whistleblowing", on another matter, deleted]
T.V.: "Hi, this is Tom Valentine. We're back live, and the subject is NAFTA and the sell-out of the Canadian people as well as the sell-out of the Americans. One note on history, if I can, when I wrote the book on Doris Duke, the world's richest woman - or, at least, America's richest, and the Queen may be number one and Doris number two - her father, James Buck Duke, went into Canada at the turn of the century and he went in there with hundreds of millions of dollars of cigarette money, and he, with Arthur Vining Davis, with the help of Andrew Mellon, were going to take over the water and the energy production up in Canada. And I guess the fat cats never let go, from that very auspicious beginning?"
G.K.: "Well, they never let go. They look at water and they can see it's value in hydro-electricity, in mining for the smelting purposes, and in irrigation - especially now, because of global warming, there is a need to move water south into the southern part of the United States." T.V.: "That's right, and even if global warming isn't real, they've got us convinced that it is, and that water has value, doesn't it?"
G.K.: "That's right. What they declare their property, then they can sell it."
T.V.: "That's right, the air is next! John, in Montrose, Colorado."
CALLER: "You know, I'll tell you what. I'm a bit offended by the fact that you call us Canadians, Mexicans and Americans. The thing is, is that we are *all* "Americans". The thing is, is, one thing about it, is that we have all been sold down the river by the Council on Foreign Relations in our country, and they are working to turn every one of us against each other. That's the way that it all works."
T.V.: "Okay, but I would say that a Canadian's a Canadian, an American's an American, and a Mexican's a Mexican, and we can all get along just fine and still be sovereign."
CALLER: "A Canadian's a Canadian, and an American is a United States citizen, and a Mexican is a Mexican citizen.."
T.V.: "And we want to all be *good neighbours*."
CALLER: "Right, and we all live in America, the North American continent."
T.V.: "Well, technically you're right, but the way I said it is quite common and quite acceptable."
CALLER: "Alright, I agree with you. But the thing of it is that we have been sold down the river, the Canadians and the Mexicans have been sold down the river with us, and we are the strongest nation on this continent. And the thing of it is, that we all have to *unite* against this monster we've got in Washington."
T.V.: "I appreciate your call."
CALLER: "...out of control."
T.V.: "Well, John, you can certainly support these folks up there. I've got a little bundle of something I'm going to send your way up there, Glen, it's kind of a surprise - I've got a whole bunch of Canadian $5 bills, someone sent them to me a long time ago and I've just got them sitting here. C.T. in Westerly, Rhode Island."
CALLER: "Hi, Tom. I have got a few questions and a few ideas to run by these good folks" [Question on Canadian political parties deleted]


T.V.: "Hi, This is Tom Valentine. The final leg tonight. We're talking with Canadians Glen Kealey and Shelley Ann Clark. These are folks who are just like patriotic Americans, they don't want to see Canada lose it's sovereignty. They want Canada for Canadians and, by golly, we respect that. The address [of THE CANADIAN INSTITUTE FOR POLITICAL INTEGRITY] is P.O. Box 1634, Station B, HULL, Quebec, Canada J8X 3X5...telephone number is [819] 778 1705."
CALLER: "What I've got to say is quite important, Tom. Have you heard of the fourth Wilderness Conference. Have you had any information on that at all?"
T.V.: "No, go ahead."
CALLER: "Okay, what they're talking about is happening in America and it's happening today, so Americans should wake up. What they do is, through the Clean Air and Water Act, they create a buffer zone around wetlands, okay? Now, this is in the plans - this was done in '87, the last part of '87 - now this is their plans. Local governments can borrow money on these wetlands at 3% interest, any amount of money they want to borrow. Then they, of course, naturally you run yourselves in debt to the point that you can't pay and then they will come in and foreclose. Also Canada has the, it's my understanding according to this conference, which was by Rockefeller and Rothchild, is that Canada printed up the new money, which is going to be the World Dollar, which is my understanding is stored in Canada, according to the information that I have."
[NOTE: this caller may be referring to the new, elite-controlled World Conservation Bank, which arranges cancellation of crushing Third World or national indebtedness in exchange for the transfer of title and rights to public land. Brazil reportedly recently lost "ownership" of it's Amazon Basin under this arrangement; and presumably any nation will be able to "borrow" against the value of it's publicly-owned land or pay off it's national debt by surrendering title - including exploitation and mineral rights - to the World Conservation Bank, or "deeding" the land as a "pledge" of future repayment]
T.V.: "Well, that's a little far-out sounding, but let's see. Shelley, what do you think?"
S.A.C: "Well, I haven't heard of that, and I must say that no information has come to me or to the Institute on that kind of situation."
G.K.: "I have heard of it, and I'm told that the money is located at the airport at Montreal. However, there is absolutely no way of getting independent verification."
T.V.: "Alright, so this is the same rumour that's been going on a long time, but the same fat cats in both our countries seem to manipulating everything into their particular image. We're being re-created in somebody else's image, here."
G.K.: "We have to remember that the international bankers today are getting their investment funds from five different places. They're getting the money from transnational corporation profits, $300 billion a year I'm told, and they're getting $50 billion a year from the Mafia on the sale of prostitution and gambling, and they're getting $400 billion from the generals around the world who move military equipment offshore, declare it surplus and sell it in the war-zones of the world, and they're getting $500 billion from the security forces who are selling drugs, or allowing drugs to be sold, within their national boundaries; and then you add to that a *trillion* dollars, minimum, from the leaders of the different countries of the world, the political corruption money that travels in there, so..."


[Caller's query and comments on election/balloting fraud deleted]
T.V.: "Do you folks have a computerized ballot in Canada?"
G.K.: "No, we don't, we have a paper ballot. However, our problem is not on the election day, the problem we suffer with is by the leadership of the political parties who then either authorise or refuse to authorise candidates to run for their party, so then we end up getting to choose between the crooks they chose for us... we have a system where the political parties, and you vote for each riding representative, and the ridings which win the most seats their leader becomes the Prime Minister and he, in fact, becomes the dictator for the next five years. We don't have the checks and balances that you have with Congress and the Senate and the judiciary - here, the Prime Minister is the one who makes *all* of the appointments; he chooses the judges in the Supreme Court, he chooses the prosecutors, the chiefs of police, he's responsible for appointing everybody in the Cabinet, and if people don't follow his line, he throws them out, cuts their expenses, and what have you. So you end up here with a majority government, and that majority government then is a dictatorship for five years."
CALLER: "You've got a lot of power wrapped up in just a few people."
T.V.: "Yes, we do, just like we do here, and I appreciate your call but I have to move on."


T.V.: "Hi, this is Tom Valentine, we're back live, we're talking with the Canadians tonight. We have Shelley Ann Clark, whistle- blower on the NAFTA agreement - even before it was the NAFTA agreement - and how it has been covered up and shredded and everything else in order to bamboozle the Premiers of the various Provinces in Canada, and that would be the "Governors" of the various "States" up in Canada, for those of you who are like me, and weren't sure in the beginning. Now we have John, in Toronto. By golly, *you* know what a "Premier" is - hi, John"
CALLER: "Hi, Tom. I just have a couple of points I'd like to ask Glen to comment on. He might just want to say a word, particularly to your American listeners, about Mitchell Sharp, who is Jean Chretien's, the Prime Minister's, "$1 a day man". Jean Chretien called him his counsellor, strategist and advisor, and he never makes a move without consulting him. Mitchell Sharp has been the Vice President, or Vice Chairman, for North America of the Trilateral Commission since 1981, so that should tell you something about *his* position in Ottawa."
T.V.: "It's like Colonel House to [President] Wilson..."
CALLER: "Exactly"
T.V.: "...or Hopkins to Roosevelt."
CALLER: "Right. And there are a couple of other interesting points. Glen was talking about the possibility of Quebec separation, which is very real, and last year the Armoury for the Canadian Armed Forces was moved from Downsview Base, in northern Toronto, to to the tip of Montreal Island, in what would then be an independent Quebec. So at a stroke the Canadian military would be denied any replacement ammunition, etc. and the separatists would be fully supplied. And then just in connection with that, just across the border, in northern New York state, is Fort Drum, and Fort Drum has a Division of 10,000 winter-trained mountain troops. There's no real reason for them to be there, except that they're perfectly positioned for intervention if the U.S.'s northern neighbour breaks up and sinks into civil war or chaos. I just want to point one last thing out; the Official Opposition in Ottawa this year, he might just want to point out to American listeners what position *they* would take on Quebec separation."
G.K.: "Those points are exactly right. We spoke about Mitchell Sharp and his position in the earlier part of the program."
T.V.: "Yes, but he's an interesting guy. I think you should speak about him some more."
G.K.: "Certainly, in our view...well, Jean Chretien became an important politician when Mitchell Sharp was Minister of Finance, and he brought Chretien in to be his Parliamentary Secretary, and it's interesting, they both talk about that first meeting with the bankers where Sharp told Chretien at the end, he said: "You have to realize, Jean, that this is a very secret meeting that you've attended, and you can't talk about this to anybody else." And both respond in their interviews that Chretien's reply was: "Talk about it? I didn't even *understand* a damn thing that went on there!" This is the type of person that bankers love to have, you know, because they can then manipulate them. On the other issue of the separation of Quebec, Shelley mentioned that by 1995 she saw in the implementation scheme that Quebec would have to separate. Well, one has to remember that it was Brian Mulroney who brought in Lucien Bouchard [the present Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition] who's the *leader* of the separatist movement in Quebec, he brought him into his own Cabinet, gave him a public presence, and the idea is basically this: once Quebec separates, because we cannot merge a bilingual country with a "melting-pot" United States of America, once Quebec separates that frees up the rest of Canada to go as one state - or four states, as some other people claim - to make the 51st through 54th states. But immediately following the separation of Quebec, the Cree, the native Cree in northern Quebec, would themselves demand separation from the lower part of Quebec, which would remove James Bay, and the water project and the hydro project, *out* of the Province of Quebec, and then it can be constructed *surrounding* Quebec, leading the water into the U.S., That would isolate the province of Quebec as an island in the middle of the United States of North America and, of course, we know the possibility of having economic blockades so that at some time, within 5 or 10 years, Quebec - like Nicuaragua or anyone else in South America - would have to vote on whether they'd like to eat or speak French. And at that point, of course, they would have to agree to become the Louisiana of the north, where they could speak French at home but..."
T.V.: "This is so real-sounding, you see, and of course they can always have the threat of violence with Quebec to keep things nice and confused so that they can "manage" the crises."
G.K.: "Absolutely. And what the gentleman caller from Toronto mentioned, Fort Drum has a public identity in northern New York state as being the place where they're training soldiers for desert and jungle warfare. Now, I put it to you, that in the United States I'm sure you you could find a place better than upper New York state to train soldiers for jungle warfare."
CALLER: "It is, actually, a Mountain Division that's there; it's a winter-trained Division, interestingly enough."
G.K.: "It is well-trained for winter, although that is not their public image. The size of the base, for those who do not understand the *size* of Fort Drum, it is larger than Metropolitan Toronto."
T.V.: "Holy mackerel, that's three million folks! Although that's [Toronto's] population we're talking there, though. Very interesting bunch of Canadians tonight - we're learning!"



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