The Impact of NESARA on CANADA

National Economic Security And Reformation Act

An Opinion

As America stands for FREEDOM, NESARA must of necessity start there. CANADA stands for Justice, so follows close behind. The announcement in Canada should in fact follow within 24 hours of the initial announcement in USA. However, we will be seeing the announcement on American TV channels at the same time as Americans do.


Those of you who have been in the military will probably have signed "The Official Secrets Act" which threatens dire consequences if you ever release sensitive information to anyone who does not 'need to know.' You could be found guilty of treason, and even sentenced to death.

All government and other officials who are involved in the preparation for the implementation of NESARA have been sworn to secrecy in this same way. In fact, they are instructed to 'deny' that NESARA exists. Twenty-seven officials have so far been imprisoned in the USA for violating this secrecy; two are reported to have been executed. The matter is taken very seriously.

NESARA is a complex international action, which requires an extremely high level of coordination, and the premature release of information could jeopardize international business. However, the international bankers and their minions have tried every way possible to delay its implementation, trying the patience of those who have put all their energy into implementing this tremendous step forward to peace, freedom and abundance for all.

Although we do not know the date on which this will be first announced in the USA, the impediments have gradually been removed and the opposition is running out of alternatives.

The announcement will be so incredible to most people that they will need the three day holiday that starts upon the announcement of NESARA in order to compose themselves. It will be a lot longer before they are able to comprehend the vastness of these changes and the impact upon their daily lives.


Banks that continue to do business in Canada will become TREASURY BANKS. This applies to Trusts and similar financial institutions. Banks will tend to specialize in different areas. There will be no more compound interest and compensation will be made for past bank fraud in charging interest this way.

Despite the massive extent of this fraud over generations, only people still alive will receive compensation. This compensation will cover loss of property and other assets through the old, iniquitous monetary and tax systems.

New currency, backed by gold and other precious metals, will be issued by the Treasury to replace the current fiat (worthless) currency, and will be Canadian owned for the first time. This will cause the value of the currency to rise, as well as the price of gold. These notes have been at the banks now for some time and will be issued on a one-for-one basis, so nobody will lose. When did you last hear of a re-issue of currency where the people did not lose their shirts? Normally such new issues are made on a 1:100 basis, wiping out the savings of most citizens. In Russia it happened twice in five years.

As the current currency is worthless, all debts to banking institutions will be wiped out as follows:

The banks do not lose on this deal: they are paid about $9,000 for every credit card with a balance, and mortgage payments are likewise paid out by the Treasury. This is also why you have recently received so much junk mail from banks inviting you to apply for their credit cards.

There will be a new mortgage system (you will have noticed some banks already advertising 0% mortgages), as old debt is wiped out and a fresh start is given to the monetary system, backed by precious metals.


So-called 'income tax' will cease immediately and C.C.R.A. will be disbanded within 30 days. During this period they will only handle refunds. Their staff have already been given retraining. Some will be employed on the administration of the new, low flat tax on non-essential goods and services.

The term 'taxpayer' will cease to be used in Canada, being replaced by the term 'Sovereign Citizen.'

Compensation will be paid to citizens who have long been defrauded by 'Revenue Canada' and 'C.C.R.A.' The monies collected by them never found their way to government, but rather to the Federal Reserve Bank in the USA. The 'National Debt' was created by government borrowing money to pay operating costs because they did not receive monies from the tax-collecting agencies. Furthermore, although they could have borrowed interest-free from the Bank of Canada, they borrowed money instead from the national banks, paying them 'interest'. Those responsible for this collusion were paid handsomely for their cooperation. Such acts fall under the term 'treason.'

Will we still have Customs Duties, Excise Tax and other trade-related taxes? There is no certain answer to this at the moment, but in view of the surplus of money worldwide it is quite possible that these will also be abolished altogether.


In the USA the Constitution is reinstated, but what do we have? Our leaders as well as officials in Britain have stated that the Freedoms that we have are not worth the paper they are written on. Let us see what we allegedly have:

So let us go back a bit to the Magna Carta. Perhaps we have to start from scratch. Common Law at any rate is the law of the land and all 'statutes' are invalidated. That is bound to throw a little confusion into the courts of the land, and all cases extant are automatically cancelled, as far as we can ascertain. Certainly all instances which relate to money or income tax issues will be thrown out and anyone incarcerated on these accounts will be released and compensated. The courts will be closed while the judges and lawyers are re-educated (this has already started). The status of judges themselves may be in dispute, as so many of them are political appointments and the government of the day is invalid.

New elections, with votes actually counted. There will be a lot of scrap metal available as polling machines are destroyed (such as those that allowed the "elections" in Florida and California). Presumably we will still have politicians rather than representatives of the people: this is something we must re-examine at a later date. We need no third party to act as intermediary (which is the role political parties play), and it should be a treasonable offence to require a member of a political party to act as instructed by the party, rather to voice the views of his or her constituents.


The federal government will resign upon the announcement of NESARA. A new Prime Minister Designate will be appointed (we do not know at the moment who this is, although he has already been selected) and will hold office temporarily until free elections are held. Charges of treason will be laid against many government officials, past and present (see Farewell to Canada).

All connections with the Queen of England and Her Majesty's Government (of Great Britain) are severed by the return to Sovereignty and Common Law. We will not be concerned with the problems affecting royalty on the announcement of NESARA in Great Britain. There will be no Governors General, neither federal nor provincial.

All Canadian Citizens have had to take an Oath of Allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen. This will be rescinded and allegiance will be solely to the Land called Canada, and her peoples.

The rule imposed on Canada by external powers is over. A new government, lawfully appointed by the sovereign people of Canada must be elected under just conditions and sworn in to serve the people of Canada rather than political parties and foreign powers. The actual law that "no one of the courts" will hold government office, will be upheld absolute. This means no Lawyers, Judges or Police Officers.

Restoration of Constitutional Law may require the writing of a new Constitution, authorised by Parliament. This should also be signed by the various countries (now called provinces and territories) who became this land of Canada.

Section 97 of the Constitution states, "In English Canada Judges are to be appointed by the bar of the province in which they live, and appointed by an independent Governor General" But there will be no more Governors General.

The Foreign Affairs picture will be greatly altered. It will need a fresh approach as abundance will be spread among all nations in due course and relationships will be re-examined.


A State of World Peace is declared and all Canadian forces serving abroad are returned home without delay.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police will no longer report to the United Nations but once again to the people of Canada.

This also applies to all Police Forces, para-military or para-police forces in Canada.

Unconstitutional secret police forces will be disbanded:


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