The Quebec Summit: Global Restructuring of the Americas

By Joel Skousen

Last weekendís Summit of the Americas in Canada took on an ominous tone of seriousness. It is the third in a series of talks that are destined to increase in frequency until long range NWO objectives for diminished national sovereignty are met. American and Canadian globalist leaders are pushing to forge an EU-style regional government in the Americas, and US President George W. Bush is right in the thick of it - following in his father's NWO footsteps. The conference was hosted by leftist Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien - a personal friend of Bill Clinton and a committed globalist of the most servile kind.

All of the speeches intended for public consumption stressed the benefits of free trade and prosperity, but none of that counts for much, in real-life terms. Its the control agenda being forged behind closed doors that really matters. The big players, the US and Canada, have brought with them special teams of globalist lawyers with pre-prepared drafts of the new Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). Remember this acronym - you'll be hearing much more about this in the future. Bush is already seeking fast track authority to put this control agenda in place, which proves he is a knowing participant in this portion of the NWO plan. Fast track authority gives the president and his bureaucrats the power to clinch separate agreements with each country during negotiations without coming back to Congress for debate - a very dangerous precedent. Congress's only choice is to accept or reject the final package.

Each of the Third World nations present is also accompanied by advisors and lawyers, but of a different variety. In contrast to the US and Canada, they are in Quebec to lobby for special treatment and exceptions to the uniform control agenda being outlined by US trade representative Robert B. Zoellick and his CFR-trained team. Each of these developing nations is struggling with problems of economy-draining socialism, massive indebtedness to the IMF, and indigenous Marxist revolutionaries threatening their very political survival.

NAFTA (precursor to the new, broader FTAA) had many complex side agreements which provided for special exceptions for certain countries to the general controls enacted. These have been a constant source of discord, especially as many of these agreements or codicils were kept secret. In Canada, for example, the individual Provincial leaders originally insisted on special language to protect local industries within each province from competition. But their own national government deceived them during the NAFTA ratification process. During negotiations the Provincial leaders were led to believe that their reservations to NAFTA had been accepted, but unbeknownst to them, the specific wording in each Provincial leaders portfolio was changed on the copies they actuallysigned. One of the top level secretaries, Shelley Ann Clark (executive assistant to Germain Denis, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's personal appointeeto the NAFTA negotiations), blew the whistle on this affair. Subsequently, the Canadian government had the original NAFTA agreement locked up for reasons of national security and it is not currently available for inspection even to the Provincial leaders who signed it.

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