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Under constitutional law inventors of NEW ENERGY devices will be able to safely make their devices publicly available. Alternative medical therapies and technologies can also be made available without worry of attacks by FDA agents or other government interference. What a tremendous benefit to the human race!

One method that the Illuminati used to hamper the progress of science was to introduce systems and theories which prevented scientifically-useful measurements being made.

The introduction of the metric system was one such tool. It prevents advanced scientific calculations from being made accurately. Despite its seeming difficulty and lack of reason, the so-called "Imperial" system of weights and measures is much more accurate. We will therefore change back to using pounds rather than kilograms, although it will not be compulsory - some branches of industry might want to retain the metric system because of their business dealings with other countries which only use the metric system (at least for the moment).

Some changes were only nominal, so changing back to a 2 x 4 in the lumber industry would not be difficult.

In making this change it will be lawful to use volumetric measure only for liquids and gases. Apples and pears, for instance, will no longer be sold by the litre, as is done is some quarters today. This would seem to be a common sense rule.

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