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Emphasis on amateur sports (for the sake of exercise rather than competition) will be greatly increased and significantly more funding made available for prospective Olympic and other athletes, as well as for school and university sports facilities. The funding will cover travel costs to international events.

The astronomical payments made today to players in competitive sports will be history. Back to the $1 entrance fee to the ballgame? And likewise in other countries the admission fee to popular sports will be reduced in similar fashion: investment (and gambling) will disappear from the sports field and professional players will be paid at a level more appropriate to the benefit they bring to the public. After the initial shock, the games will become more enjoyable to all.

In some sports (particularly ice-hockey) the audience has been attracted more by the on-field violence than the excellence of play itself, and the games have been orchestrated that way.

'Soccer hooligans' is a popular term in Europe especially as violence - not on the field, but amongst the spectators, has been a well-known aspect of the game for many years. It was noticeable however that the violence took place in games held fairly close to the sea. In Britain of course this meant all games and it was soon termed 'The English Disease.'

Nobody thought however of 'mind-control'. Russian submarines patrolled The North Sea, the English Channel and the Eastern Atlantic, and beamed mind-controlling frequencies to areas where these games were held. I noticed this first when violence occurred in games held in Germany close to the coast - but not in Southern Germany, which was far from any open sea! It soon became obvious what was going on.

The European International Championship (Euro 2008) held in June of 2008 in Austria and Switzerland was not only far from the sea, but there was a distinct change in attitude amongst fans. There was not a single act of violence - quite extraordinary - and there were even incidents of quite opposite emotions. The Dutch team took out a full-page ad in the local Berne newspaper thanking the people of Berne and Switzerland for their hospitality. The Mayor of Berne responded by writing a letter of thanks to the Dutch soccer fans and a website was created to honour them.

Was this really soccer? Hopefully an indication of the many positive changes that are taking place worldwide as we start to welcome in this Golden Age.

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