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With the demise of the oil and gas industry, and the introduction of non-fossil fuels for propulsion, the transportation industry will enjoy a new lease on life. There will be an initial collapse, of course, but it will be reborn with renewed vigour. Fuel costs, including related taxes, constitute a major portion of the operating costs of air, sea and land transportation companies. No more bankrupt airlines. Rail will emerge once again as an economical means of transporting bulk and heavy goods, as well as reviving the romantic aspect of travel by rail.

In Canada, fresh investment would be made in rail stock, in railway stations, in railroads in general, and past abandoned lines would be reopened. It has long been treated by government as the Cinderella of the transportation industry, whereas in places like Europe, it is a favourite means of efficient, clean and comfortable transportation.

All special taxes on travel, especially airport and security taxes, which sometimes amount to 30% or more of the cost of travel, would be eliminated. It is not yet quite clear whether the new sales tax on non-essential goods and services would be applied to travel: the probability is that it would not. Travel on business would be considered essential; private travel - well, rest and relaxation is an essential part of healthy living, so this should also be exempt.

The eventual elimination of fossil fuels would contribute greatly to a pollution-free environment on land, in the sea and in the air. Preparations for elimination of all pollution in air transportation are already underway - see Revolution in the Air. There are formulations for removing pollution from water using structured water and similar systems. Electron charge-cluster technology and anti-gravity devices will form the basis for free-energy propulsion systems. Much of this can be read in The Journal of New Energy edited by Hal Fox, whose company E.E.M.F. (Emerging Energies Marketing Firm) will have a useful headstart in this field. His laboratory is recognized by the ETs as the foremost on the planet in terms of new-energy device development and they will cooperate with him in further development.

It will be quite a challenge to meet the need for these new-energy devices, particularly conversion kits for conventional vehicles, tapping into space energies - how many automobiles, trucks and off-the-road vehicles are operating worldwide today? How many ships are operating on the high seas and inland waterways? How many jet aircraft and general aircraft are flying worldwide? Such a market is hard to comprehend. When one thinks of all the traditional industries which will cease to exist, it is easy to see that even more jobs will be created by new industries.

Marine operations would especially benefit from new, clean means of propulsion, but it would eliminate much of the need for oil and gas tankers, which would be refurbished for other purposes or scrapped. One of the principal sources for energy would be the atmosphere itself - going back to the 'fifties, when Nikola Tesla drove a vehicle around New York city without the use of gasoline. The demand will be so great that each country will be producing their own, helping to negate the loss of jobs in other industries. The military have been using extra-terrestrial technology for decades (against their fellow-citizens), but now the tables will be turned, and the technology will be put to good use ..... and the military put out to pasture.

In the meantime, what will happen to the petroleum industry? I should imagine that there would be severe penalties initially for price-fixing over the past decades; that the price of a litre of gas would go back to 5c, a US gallon to 20c (the prices I remember in the gas wars of 1971); or the industry would be nationalised and low prices prevail until there was no further need for gas-stations. Aware of the dismal future outlook, prices at the gas pump are soaring at the moment to unheard of heights. Making hay while the sun shines.

[June 2008 - Important update: We have since been told that during "stasis" pollution of land, sea and air will be cleaned up and NO fossil-fuel engine will be permitted - or even be able to start - when we wake up. This does make sense, but causes a tremendous transportation upheaval in the meantime ..... truckers and those away from home will be returned by shuttle craft until conversion units (or new-energy engines) are made available and they can continue their journey. Even gas-friendly units must give way to gas-free units.

Furthermore, ocean travel will be eliminated for a while until the commotion on the seas from seismic disturbances calms down. Ships will remain in port for that reason also.]

There was great excitement about hydrogen some years back, and bio-diesel more recently, but these were interim measures and will fade. Automobile manufacturers are already producing hybrid vehicles - in deference to the petroleum industry (who have the same controllers), they have not yet made them fully electric, but there are engines waiting in the wings which will drink in only the atmosphere (electron charge-coupled devices) or oxygen from the water in the very near future.

At first we thought this was what the world was waiting for!

The Electrically Powered Flying Vehicle

"Our highways are obsolete. Every year, millions of dollars are wasted on repairing a system that can no longer accommodate the transportation needs of the 21st century. And to make matters worse, our already overburdened highways are bombarded yearly with thousands and thousands of new drivers. Not only does this cause further highway destruction, but it worsens pollution and slows traffic. Maybe worst of all, it increases the likelihood of traffic fatalities. The Langenburg Research Center in Eugene Oregon has an alternative: the electrically powered flying vehicle."

For further details see the Langenburg Research website.

Update August 2005:

In the meantime, tremendous steps forward have been taken by the emergence of ET cooperation in the introduction of new technologies (or hitherto secret ones).

Contact has been made quite recently with the crews of the shuttles designated to make the first public landings in North America from motherships. They will be bringing scientists and technicians with them, to meet those who have expressed an interest in making use of advanced technologies. This will be the start of a new industrial revolution.

Apart from the cleanup of Mother Earth, specific interest was shown in building space-craft similar to these shuttles for transporting relief supplies and services to under-developed countries, to relieve famine and poverty. Once this has been done attention will be turned to transporting people and replacing commercial jet aircraft, especially jumbo-jets. This would collapse the airline industry and create an entirely new industry as mentioned in the article on ETs.

And a confirmatory quote from the captain of the spaceship covering North America:

"There have been some rational attempts made and achieved for the replacement of fossil fuels by the use of tide power, wind power, and solar energy. We applaud these changes, however, it is much more important to use some of the new technology that we shall bring to earth to be able to tap into the non-polluting use of the vast energy of space. Space everywhere, on the ground, in the air, under the water, or in space away from earth. This is the source of energy that we have used for hundreds of your years. It is the use of this space energy that will be made available for use in many parts of the earth. That is our assignment and that is the goal that we shall achieve."
Captain Helena of the Capricorn, 29th March 2006

It is going to be an entirely different world - without global or industrial cartels.

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