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The Treasonous Acts Against Canadians

The Canadian Governments, at all levels, by use of a "STRAWMAN", a sound alike name of your name, but combining your family name with your given names, has converted you into a tax slave, and subject to summary forced obedience to the corporate rules of government. A family name is for reference only. As of recent years, the 'legal identity' name is spelled in all capital letters or family name first, and called a NATURAL PERSON. The legal identity/natural person name, created and owned by the Crown in right of the Province of your birth, can be found on your birth certificate, or, for an immigrant to Canada, by the Crown in right of the Province of entry, and found as the name on your immigration documents.

Queen Elizabeth II has allowed her name to be prostituted to this evil scheme in direct violation of her oath of office as Monarch of the British Commonwealth of Nations. In her oath, she swore on the Holy Bible that she would uphold and defend the rights of the People over which she reigns as Monarch.

There is a question as to whether the Monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland has any right to be called the Monarch or the Crown of Canada, as the right to succession in the BNA Act (section 2) granted to the successors and heirs of Queen Victoria was struck by the British Imperial Parliament in 1893.

Any claim of absolute sovereignty rights by the English Monarchy was shown to be non-existent in the Magna Carta of 1215. Yet, over PERSONS, be they natural persons (man under contract of servitude with the Crown, and without right of free will - except for obedience) or artificial corporate bodies, as created by the Crown, there is absolute rights of the MASTER over the servant exhibited by the Crown over the People.

The Crown, whether it be in so-called right of Canada or of a province, by deviously changing our status before their corrupt courts as being corporations created by the Crown, has deprived us of our lawful courts and plundered our lives which have been expended in labour to obtain the very necessities of life.

In ALL cases in a court in Canada, where Canadians are taken to court for disobedience to a statute, or regulation therein, they are considered a "CORPORATION". This fact is an unknown to most Canadians. People believe that they are dealing directly with the Canadian Justice system as a full liability man or woman with full rights. All corporations are a legal fiction, and are SUBJECTS of the Crown. The Canadian People have a basic RIGHT to Common Law , and as such, are NOT SUBJECTS of the Crown for the imposition of corporate ADMINISTRATIVE Law - the ONLY type of law which is found in the Canadian Court system. This subterfuge is totally in the realm of legal sleaze and trickery for the purpose of denying your God Given RIGHTS.

In using the term "Common Law", I refer to the Anglo-Saxon Common Law. The English Monarchy began the defrauding of the English people of their individual rights protecting Anglo-Saxon Common Law in a concerted effort by Edward I in conspiracy with the Pope of Rome sometime around 1300 AD. The term "common law" and "English common law" was concocted as a fraud; and, is in fact, a system derived directly from Roman civil law - commonly called "dictator's law". Considering that Anglo-Saxon Common Law period of England preceded the Norman Conquest of England by some 500 years, we have evidence of this fraud posted on the Canadian Federal Justice website:

    "The common law, which developed in Great Britain after the Norman Conquest, was based on the decisions of judges in the royal courts. It is called judge-made law because it is a system of rules based on "precedent". Whenever a judge makes a decision that is to be legally enforced, this decision becomes a precedent: a rule that will guide judges in making subsequent decisions in similar cases. The common law is unique in the world because it cannot be found in any "code" or "legislation"; it exists only in past decisions. However, this also makes it flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances."

The primary feature of Roman civil law used by the deceitful English monarchy, and it's so-called justice system, is the "notwithstanding clause". This derives from the fact that Roman Law is based upon all commercial and political organizations being make-believe ships. All 'ship's orders' - laws, rules and regulations concerning the ship, have within them the necessary right and duty of the captain to disregard any such rules or regulations when he deems it necessary for the 'good' of the ship. The complete "flexible and adaptable" feature of so-called English or British common law is nothing more than the common usage of the notwithstanding clause to insure that the Crown's pleasures, prerogatives and privileges come before the individual rights of the people.

Thomas Paine (1737-1809), the great American philosopher of man's individual rights and freedoms, wrote in his book Rights Of Man (page 218): "Government by precedent, without any regard to the principle of the precedent, is one of the vilest systems that can be set up." In Paine's day, government's primary reason for existence was the justice system.

We can see how "flexible and adaptable" this fraudulent English common law is by the way Canadian and American judges use the Anti-Government Movement Guide Book to institute treasonous actions against Canadians (and Americans, as the case may be) when people use unalienable rights or statute and/or constitutional law to defend themselves against government extortion rackets.

As the above quote from the 1893 Dictionary of Law states: High treason is the most heinous civil crime a man can commit. If indeterminate, this alone is sufficient to make a government degenerate into arbitrary power.

Government, bodies politic, are corporations wherein men supposedly have protection against the actions they do by the "corporate veil". All corporations are "make-believe" ships, based upon the Roman Empire system, which itself was based upon the ancient Persian model whereby the ship was the entity, and the men on board as crewmembers were non-volitional (non-free-will minded) body parts with only the duty to obey the captain's orders.

But, this make-believe corporate veil protection to do as they please is only a fictional game. Men (and women) who do damage to another while in a contract (oath of office) to be a servant to the People are full liable for their unlawful actions when it entails HIGH TREASON. The PENALTY for HIGH TREASON is DEATH BY HANGING - and that penalty is still in effect in Canada.

Source (and © Copyright): Eldon G. Warman


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