Article by David Icke entitled

"Farewell to Canada"

Published in Shared Vision ~ November 1996

A plan is currently underway to break up Canada and reduce the whole nation to another state within the US. A Global Elite controls the world's banking system, transnational corporations, leading politicians, media, and intelligence agencies. This Elite operates through secret and semi-secret organizations including the Bilderberger Group, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and the Trilateral Commission, whose members include leading bankers, industrialists, and media owners. It is this Elite that is seeking to remove Canada from the map as part of their plan for a world government, a central bank, a world currency, a world army and a cash-less, microchipped population. High-profile Canadian members of this Elite include Pierre Trudeau, Mike Harris, Jean Chrétien and Brian Mulroney.

In May/June 1996, the Bilderberger Group met in secret at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Leadership Centre near King's City, Toronto. Among the attendees were Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, and the Premier of Ontario, Mike Harris, who had just recently met with the Quebec Premier, Lucien Bouchard. The gathering was hosted by the elite Bilderberger, Conrad Black, who now owns or controls 52% of Canada's daily newspapers.

The focus of this meeting was to discuss a plan to manipulate Quebec out of confederation and then use the break-up of Canada to justify a United States take-over of what they called "the remnants" of Canada. In the September 16 edition of The Vancouver Sun and The Province, a front-page story highlighted an article recently published in an unnamed "influential" US magazine, which was actually a publication called Foreign Affairs. The article was written by Professor Charles Doran at the Elite-controlled John Hopkins university. (Foreign Affairs is published by the Council on Foreign Relations, a Rockerfeller-controlled think tank.)

Researchers who have studied the content of Foreign Affairs since the 1920s have revealed that the predictions in its articles invariably have become reality. Doran, a CFR member, called for the US to take over the "quasi-socialist remnants" of Canada after Quebec declared its independence from Canada. (Quebec would have constituted a threat to US National Security.) This, he said, would mean that Canadians would then be forced to serve in the US military as part of a "security" force.

This secret plan has also been confirmed by Shelley Ann Clark, the Executive Assistant to Germain Davis, one of the top three Canadian administrators responsible for the Free Trade Agreement (FTA). She has explained publicly how she was called out late at night in 1987 to deliberately alter the text of the copies of FTA which were to be sent to each of the provincial leaders. This included removing the step-by-step plan to absorb Canada into the US by the year 2005. Only the Federal authorities were allowed to see the unaltered documents of FTA. The originals are apparently kept in a vault in Ottawa.

Shelley Ann Clark has also stated that, "Lucien Bouchard was to be brought in to lead the drive for the separation of Quebec, the next step before the Grand Canal Project," long before he became Premier of Quebec. This is precisely what is now taking place. The canal project is designed to dam James Bay even further and divert fresh water from Canada to the US.

Are these confirmations of the same story all coincidence? No. There is an unfolding plan to break up Canada and it will soon reach its conclusion unless Canadians wake up - and stand up - fast!

David Icke

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