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Right now weather across the world is 'out of control', or at least contrary to expectations.

Many of the severe weather systems in recent years were man-created: weather wars (which were forecast back in the '80s). This has unbalanced the natural system worldwide.

However, although intense storms, flooding, fires and other disasters had been forecast for the future, as well as major changes in climatic conditions, most of that scenario has been changed. The fierce fires in California and other places were man-engineered to redirect our attention away from other important events that were occurring.

The December 2004 major tsunami in SW Asia was partly man-engineered, but it is claimed that that will be the last one that man has a hand in. There will be one or two others of a lesser nature as Mother Earth continues to adjust herself. There were also pre-arranged agreements for many to depart this life at this point in time.

Update June 2008: for some time now there have been warnings of extreme seismic activity and tsunamis particularly on the West Coast of North America. These have been held back for some time by the Celestials, or their severity lessened, but sooner or later they will become a reality. Some of this activity may happen during 'stasis'.

Here's just a selection of June 2005 photos (photographer unknown - contact me please!) from otherwise pleasant ALBERTA, Canada ............... Pray that the winds are in the right direction .....!

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